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Happy People,
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Happy employees make organizations flourish and thriving organizations allow people to flourish.

Growth & Innovation

Great place to work!

Future proof leadership

"It is our passion to make development an adventure!"

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Hi, we are Tom and Mathijs, owners of KeyWe. We are happy to tell you more about who we are, what we do and which tools we use for this. But of course also about the customers with whom we work meaningfully to make people and organizations grow :)


What KeyWe brings you

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Connecting, retaining and continuing to develop people

Use the full potential of your employees and develop talent in the organization.

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Strengthening leaders and changing culture

Strengthen leadership in your organization. Because they are the greatest accelerators of growth.

Achieving organizational growth and ambitions

Get your people and thus the organization moving and make your ambitions come true.

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Our customers

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KeyWe turns leadership development into an adventure! With powerful working methods and a lot of experience. High energy, high impact.

HR manager - Technology company

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Strategy development

Change management

Cultural change and core values

Leadership development

Personal (talent) development

Team development and collaboration

What makes us unique!

We are known for our people-oriented, activating approach and our innovative, interactive tools. We explain this in the video below.

People-oriented, highly interactive

Learning by experimenting


Digitally innovative

Our Online
Growth Accelerators

We use our unique software tools to support learning and development. Because an inspiring learning environment, in which people can continue to challenge themselves, is essential for 'a great place to work'. And not just any environment. An environment in which you are central. Where you have overview and control over how you want to grow together with your organization!

My Hero's Journey app in scherm
My Hero's Journey
The app that guides your personal development. Discover who you really are and make all your ambitions come true!
LINK Profiles
Behavior and communication style assessment. Fresh,intuitive en hands-on with 360-degree feedback and team view.
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Personal, team and organizational assessment with growth curves and 360-degree feedback. In what areas will you develop?
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"Discover how we turn organizational growth and leadership development into an adventure"