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We call our development and training programs journeys because they are journeys of discovery in which you activate and involve employees in achieving the organizational objectives.

mensen op trap, werkgeluk vergroten
Mensen geven elkaar een hand

Achieving organizational growth & ambitions

organisatieontwikkeling en innovatie, klimblokken
"Move your people and thus the organization in motion and realize your ambitions".


Many companies lack the time and ability to develop. With KeyWe you work on a culture in which learning and innovation are normal. We create a heartbeat of development in your organization! This results in more innovation and agility to respond to new developments and seize opportunities to increase your business. 

We advise and guide the change process that is necessary to realize the intended strategy and/or the desired culture. For this we use the4V Approach: determine, imagine, shape and perform.

Empowering leaders & changing culture
trap met leiderschapstraining, bedrijfscultuur veranderen
"Strengthen the leadership in your organization. Because they are the greatest accelerators of growth".


Development should be facilitated. That is why we train and coach managers and other key figures in the organization. We train them toChangeAgentsthat guide people to show the desired behavior.


We put here our uniqueLeadership Journeyin the front. Our leadership programs and team training are known for their high level of energy and experience (high energy, high impact).


With theToolbox methodwe make (cultural) change practical and accessible for the leader/facilitator and the organization as a whole.

Connecting, retaining & continuing to develop people
boeien, bloeien en binden, medewerkers ontwikkelen pop
"Use the full potential of your employees and develop talents in the organization".


Every organization can create more happiness at work and become 'a great place to work' for employees and managers. You do this by investing in their personal and professional development. To stimulate learning and development, we are setting up a digital POP cycle and company academy. We use various assessments to identify the development needs of your people.


On the basis of theKeyWe Power Formulaand a wide variety of soft skill training, we help people to become fully empowered. Employees and managers are digitally supported from our appMy Hero's Journey. Every employee becomes a facilitator of his or her own development and that of others!

Smart investment in learning and development

Did you know that you can get a subsidy for many of our development projects?

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