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Fuel your journey!

Man met rugtas, avontuur, planten
Licht, inzicht in jezelf



De ideale POP-cyclus in beeld gebracht.

Verdiep je in de succesfactoren van een

goede POP-cyclus. En hoe deze de groei

en ontwikkeling van je mensen, en

daarmee je organisatie, beïnvloedt.


80% Slim Subsidy

Digitize your employees' development and pay 20% 

The KeyWe offer fits in perfectly with making personnel development future-proof. KeyWe knows what it takes to make your approach and program eligible for a subsidy.

KeyWe Card Set

50 photo cards & 10 work forms

Gives people-oriented leadership hands and feet with the KeyWe Card Set.


Meeting of Minds

Design the future HR landscape

In this meeting of professionals, you raise an issue that ...

Wednesday March 22 

Train the trainer

Multiply the impact of the sessions you guide!

Develop yourself as an innovation, collaboration & people developer. From trainer skills to program development, from team dynamics to change management. In 5 days you will increase your perspective and capacity.

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