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Up to 80% reimbursed of your investment in learning and development


Digital POP cycle and business academy

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In March, SMEs can again apply for a subsidy for initiatives aimed at learning and development in their organization. This includes introducing a system of periodic development interviews (POP cycle) and setting up a digital business school (academy).

KeyWe Organization Development has a unique offer for this. With our software application My Hero's Journey we can quickly and decisively implement a digital POP cycle and business academy. The costs you incur for this are reimbursed up to 80% from the SLIM subsidy. We help you apply for the subsidy!


In the current labour market, it is important for employers to invest in a positive learning culture and an instructive working environment. This ensures that they keep their company or institution future-proof, are attractive to new staff and that employees remain employable and productive. This is the only way to keep up with the dynamic labour market.


The cabinet is firmly committed to a lifelong development (LLO) with a multiannual action programme. Stimulating self-management is central to this approach, so that people can continue to develop and make their own choices. The Incentive scheme for learning and development in SMEs (SLIM ) contributes to this. The aim of the subsidy scheme is to encourage SME entrepreneurs to focus more on learning and development.


What do we offer you?

We guide you in setting up and introducing a digital POP cycle and company academy with e-learnings. Both are tailor-made for your organization in the My Hero's Journey app.

What steps do we go through?

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Assess the current POP cycle and determine starting points for the new POP cycle.

  2. Setting up the new POP cycle using the My Hero's Journey app.

  3. Enter the new POP cycle. Including a kick-off with the staff, but also training the managers to familiarize themselves with the new POP cycle and to facilitate the development of their employees.

  4. Make an inventory of the training and development needs of your employees and managers.

  5. Setting up a digital academy in the My Hero's Journey app. This consists of various e-learnings aimed at acquiring essential soft skills.

  6. Introducing the digital business school.

  7. Securing the POP cycle and digital company academy, ensuring that employees continue to use it.​

What does this trajectory deliver?

The result is that employees are facilitated in their personal development and are encouraged to continuously develop their competencies (knowledge, skills and attitude). The ultimate effect is that a corporate culture is created in which learning and development at work is self-evident. In other words, a positive learning culture and an instructive working environment.

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