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Blisss is a software supplier from Nijmegen and specializes in ERP and Apps for production companies and wholesalers. This company wants to be known as the professional and progressive ICT partner for innovative software solutions. A company in which knowledge, expertise and customer experience are central. The way they want to do this is by putting their employees first.

Growth demand

​From the original request to provide a number of soft skill training courses, the need has arisen to embed this in an organization-wide development process. It is essential that managers learn how to facilitate personal, team and organizational development.

KeyWe program

TheKeyWe Development Approachconsists of four phases: (1) Determine, (2) Imagine, (3) Design and (4) Perform. Two tracks run parallel to this: (I) Learning and development and (II) Planning, measuring, evaluating and adjusting.


First, we determine where the organization is now. This is the current position, or the 'As-is' situation.

The second phase is imagining where the organization wants to go. This is the ambition for the future, or the 'To be' situation.

In the third phase, we shape the organizational process together. This means that we design a program with initiatives that contribute to the company's ambition.

We then guide the organization in carrying out these initiatives.


To this end, we introduce and implement theKeyWe Development Structure, inspired by the Scrum method (Agile working). This ensures that short-cycle work on development activities receives continuous attention, has impact and progress is measurable. We notice that this makes development part of the organizational culture. We have trained 'facilitators' to guide the various initiatives.


An important goal of our approach is to create an environment in which learning and development at work is normal. In this context, we have improved Blisss' POP cycle and digitally equipped it with our appMy Hero's Journey. In addition, we have set up a digital business academy with the same app. This acts as an extension of the physical soft skill training that we provide.


Every year we organize a 'Blisss day' in which we look back at the initiatives we have carried out and the results they have produced. We also determine new initiatives to work on and people can sign up for them. Above all, it is a fun day, where team building and fun are paramount.


  • Structural and systematic work is being done on initiatives that contribute to the development of Blisss.

  • The managers are skilled in facilitating people in their personal development.

  • The employees continuously work on their personal effectiveness with the help of the digital POP cycle and company academy in My Hero's Journey.

  • Major steps have been taken towards the future dream and ambition of Blisss.

KeyWe turns leadership development into an adventure! With good working methods and a lot of experience. High energy, high impact.

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