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Gamechanging Culture Program

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BSU is a game changer in the world of information technology (IT) and unified communication (UC). The ICT industry is constantly changing and as a company you have to be 'on top of the game' to keep up with developments, to master them and to convert them into valuable products and services for customers. This requires specific, game-changing behavioral characteristics from employees.

Growth demand

BSU asked us to design and guide an internal program to involve all employees in the organization in the new identity of the company. A program to load the 'corporate identity', which should lead to clear execution of game-changing behavior. The key question here is: How do you ensure that everyone within BSU, from the MT to the shop floor, feels what game changing is and acts accordingly?

KeyWe program

Together with the MT of BSU, we have designed a program in which we work on a quarterly basis to strengthen the game-changing culture and behavioral characteristics.


We haveGame Change Agentstrained to facilitate people in the organization with the culture change. The agents guide teams and individual BSU students in adopting game-changing behaviour. An important success factor was that the agents themselves were allowed to design their role .


The following activities are completed each quarter:

  • Preparing the intervention;

  • Elaborating the work form and the associated material;

  • Guiding the team sessions;

  • Love the individual coaching conversations;

  • Evaluate the intervention.


  • There is a highly motivated team of change agents who take responsibility for the culture change.

  • What is game-changing behavior for BSU employees has been identified.

  • We work on acquiring these behavioral characteristics using various methods.

  • A movement has started that the BSU members themselves are keeping going.

KeyWe turns leadership development into an adventure! With good working methods and a lot of experience. High energy, high impact.

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