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Neways is an international electronics company with more than 50 years of experience and a proud technology and innovation partner for customers in its sector. Neways develops and supplies electronics that contribute to important sustainability themes.

Growth demand

Neways initially asked us to design and supervise a leadership program for their 'high potentials'. A program that prepares their most talented employees to become the leaders of the future.


Subsequently, the desire arose to work on cultural change in the light of the new strategic course and the core values (culture values) that the leadership has determined. A strategy and working environment in which the employee is central. We have been asked to supervise a program in which all Neways employees can master the new core values.

KeyWe program

Leadership program

KeyWe has developed an international leadership program of 12 months for the high potentials of Neways. Continuous learning in practice is central to this. We use the My Hero's Journey app for this and build up a 'leadership library' for Neways with physical and digital building blocks. This allows us to set up different leadership programs within the organization that work with the same 'learning & development principles' and have the same language, content and high level of interaction. 


International network of change agents

KeyWe facilitates a network of change agents in which informal 'change leadership' is central. They are employees who dedicate themselves one day a week as experts in supervising culture and team sessions. They are not responsible for the change, but they are the driving force of change. This is how we create a network of 20 change agents spread over 4 countries. There is a meeting every two months and the change agents are actively deployed by local management teams in activating people.

Culture value deployment

KeyWe supervises the roll-out of Neways' core values in all its companies. With the input of 30 employees and the Executive Board – and in close cooperation with corporate HR – we have developed value behaviours. These behavioral characteristics make it possible for leaders and employees to mirror behavior and to discuss it. We then created 'toolbox items' for all core values. With these toolbox items it is possible to focus on a certain core value in the organization every month or every quarter. We have also set up a clear structure in which the core values are discussed at company level, team level and personal level (1-on-1).


  • We have trained 3 batches of high potentials with the leadership program and we are now also supervising similar programs at other levels within Neways.

  • We have trained 20 change agents who support the various Neways companies.

  • 8 toolbox items have been made in 3 languages with interactive working methods to put the desired culture change and leadership development into practice.

  • The core values have been rolled out in 4 countries. All Neways companies are working on this every month and use the toolbox items under the supervision of a change agent.


Neways is continuously working on the culture and leadership that enable the company's innovative nature and strong growth ambition. In this way we help Neways to realize their strategy and results.

KeyWe turns leadership development into an adventure! With good working methods and a lot of experience. High energy, high impact.

HR manager - Technology company

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